Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List

  • Fu Qiao

Meeting Agenda

  1. CIRV – Chen Liang & Sridhar
    1. Project status update
    2. project release planning for Jerma
    3. ..
  2. RI & RC WS Brain storm for melt – Fuqiao
    1. What do we think are the best way for RI and RC for melt?
      1. Do we need to set up new project for RI and RC in OPNFV? Or we should melt into the current existing projects?
      2. How should we work with current projects in OPNFV? airship, CIRV, Functest
      3. How can we make sure enough resource can input into RI & RC related developing work
    2. there are gaps for RI and RC documentation to real coding projects. The Meld teams can begin with listing all these gaps
    3. we can call for more people working on the meld subteam to join this brain storm to provide more ideas
  3. RC Test case discussion - Cedric
  4. session planning for Oct. technical events. contact Scot
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