Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List

  • Fu Qiao

Meeting Agenda

  • CIRV project update
  1. Jerma release plan. Create jira for HDV and SDV seperately. Create task and link with requirement
  2. Demo of SDV. [AP] fuqiao will work with Scott to add the SDV demo in next weeks CNTT TSC. Demo only covers the tools.
  3. PDF 2.0. Will raise up this on tomorrows tech call, and see if we are in a good shape to demo in OPNFV Tech discussion call to address more attention
  4. Hardware issue. Require online redfish server. Still have problem with password and get no respond from Lincoln. Jim will help trying to reach Lincoln.
  5. Test api updates. Test api integration of test report. Has update code into gerrit for review
  • CNTT melt updates, call for input from the team about the future mode for RI and RC – scot
  1. Starting to setup teams to work on transition
    1. Marketing
    2. TSC
    3. Structure
    4. Contact Al or Scot to join the teams
    5. The RI & RC team needs to also discuss and find a good way to fit into the merging style. Raja would also like to share some ideas next week. The teams will generate ideas and discuss what can fit the RI & RC team, and bring ideas to the transition teams.
    6. The team will have a brainstorm next week for the suitable style for the merger
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