Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List

Meeting Agenda

  1. RC WS
    1. discussion on test case of 'should', 'must' and 'may', are test cases with 'should' be included in RC? – Cedric
      1. The RI & RC teams agree:
        1. all must requirement should go to RC
        2. should and may requirement can be in projects in OPNFV, but not in RC
      2. Follow up AP: having a specific call for discussion on the tracibility matrix – Scot
    2. Braque Issue check
    3. Braque release planning CNTT Baraque
  2. RI WS
    1.  Proposal to resolve gaps and issues: CNTT-OPNFV Current mode of operations: Resolving gaps and issues proposal
    2. Review what are the RI-1 gaps that need to be resolved ?

    3. Review open GitHub issues.
  3. Virtual Developer & Testing Form (formally called the DDF) - June 22-25
    1. Proposal submission due Jun 3rd - discuss potential CNTT/OPNFV joint topics
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