Please comments to this document;

1) CNTT RA-1 Requirements Traceability Matrix (link).  The existing requirements’ tables in RA-1 chapter 2 will be updated with columns for RI-1 and RC-1.

  • RA-1 chapter 2 will be updated in the near future via PR to move “may” and “should” entries from section 2.3 (“Requirements”) to section 2.4 (“Recommendations”).
  • The proposed updated matrix will specify which requirements are applicable to RI-1 (via new columns).
  • All “must” requirements will be applicable to RC-1, and this will be stated in RA-1 chapter 2.
  • Each RA-1 release will be mapped to a specific OSTK release; thus, the updated matrix contained in chapter 2 will also map to a specific OSTK release.

2) CNTT RI-1/RC-1 Cookbook Ownership.  OPNFV team members have requested for OPNFV to own these documentation chunks.  This is ok with CNTT, based on the following conditions:

  • Cookbooks considered:  Installer, Lab, Test.
  • Cookbooks must conform to CNTT requirements and be dedicated for that unique purpose  (even though they could be used for additional purposes).
  • Cookbooks must state conformance to CNTT requirements.
  • Cookbooks must be linkable in a static location.  (any changes to the location need to be coordinated with CNTT)
  • Cookbooks must be released in alignment with CNTT releases, such that changes are coordinated and versioned together.
  • CNTT RI-1 and RC-1 will link to these OPNFV cookbook documents.

This means that CNTT and OPNFV release must be planned together to ensure consistency across documentation.  As RA-1 creates a new version due to selection of the next OSTK release, the following must be updated:

  1. RA-1 will have a new github folder structure
  2. RI-1 will have a new github folder structure; updated links to RA-1 chapter 2 (requirements), updated links to matching OPNFV Cookbooks (Installer, Lab).
  3. RC-1 will have a new github folder structure; updated links to RA-1 chapter 2 (requirements), updated links to matching OPNFV Cookbooks (Test).
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  1. I would like to understand under this new arrangement, what do we think need to put into RC and RC doc in CNTT? From my understanding, the requirement will be specified in RA, and cookbook will be in OPNFV, then do we still need to mentain RI and RC doc?

  2. Regarding 2), there are some important points to include in this memo of understanding:

    1. Installer cookbook will be limited to the installers available to OPNFV. At this time, this is a cookbook based on Airship.
    2. Test cookbook would consist of steps to run the automated test suite (X-testing) and results-reporting.
    3. "Lab" cookbook definition - need to discuss/investigate scope and applicability.

    Cookbook conformance to CNTT requirements overlaps the OPNFV Release process, specifically the front-end where OPNFV projects collect, vet, and prioritize requirements. These early steps will be formalized in the new process.

    CNTT Releases and OPNFV Releases: This MOU must recognize step-by-step hand-offs (proposed requirements, vetting, project assessment, development, delivery). Since OPNFV projects have many existing tests available and CNTT has developed many requirements for assessment, the project assessment step represents the lion's share of the work at this time.