As this is the first fully virtual event we've done as a community, we'd love for folks to be able to capture their experiences on this page. As you're going through the virtual event, please let us know in real time what's proven to be successful, what's proven to be a challenge, and ideas for us to incorporate both this week and in upcoming virtual events. 

As always, please be respectful, thoughtful, and constructive with your comments.  We're here to learn and grow together!

Tools Feedback

We're trialing a new tool for this event, Qiqo Chat, which is a Zoom wrapper. It's a new tool that we hope makes a more holistic experience; however, given that it's new tool, we'd like to hear the experiences both good and bad to help us make decisions about whether to use it for the future. 

  • Remove "expand" for the active day meetings so that thew schedule doesn't collapse with page refresh.

Virtual Community Feedback

We are all trying to create a sense of community through a virtual event since we can't be together in person. This time we tried the Virtual Hallway and a Virtual Social Hour. Do you have other ideas for things we could do to create a sense of connection? What worked and what didn't for these experiences?

Session Feedback

Doing a fully collaborative, hands-on work session virtually can be challenging. Any feedback for organizers, track hosts, presenters, or presenters for future virtual events that will enable us to get work done?

Any other feedback?

We've got at least one more, if not several, virtual events on our horizon? How can we make these better? What can you do to make them better?

  • Headsets. Please, please, please use headsets.  Please do not use your built in laptop mic. They pick up too much background noise, your typing and exaggerate the ambient echo of the room you are physically sitting in.
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  1. Other than the fact that Qiqo got blocked by my company, I thought the sessions went much better than expected.  Good turn out and some good discussions.  Less participation (or maybe more obvious when everyone is virtual), but still got things done.  We would like to see if adding polling would be useful for taking a quick temperature of the group on a decision.