Qiqo Demo

Watch this video for a 3-minute demo on navigating Qiqo Chat.

Account Creation and Guest Access 

  1. Access the LFN Qiqo event page: https://lfn.qiqochat.com/events
  2. Click Enter the Event

  3. You can access the event by either: Signing In, Creating an Account, or Joining as Guest
    1. To Create an Account
      1. Create a username, password, provide your email address, country, city & state, zip code, and agree to the terms of service
        1. Suggested to use FirstName LastName or FirstNameLastName
      2. Once in the LF Networking Qiqo Circle, click Participate Now to enter the meeting
      3. You can gain access to Qiqo using either your username or email address provided upon sign-up
    2. To Join as a Guest:
      1. Create a Guest Username
        1. Suggest to use FirstName LastName or FirstNameLastName
        2. By signing up, you are agreeing to the standard terms of service
  4. Confirm your account by clicking on the URL provided in the Welcome Message and Email Confirmation email

Qiqo Tips

  • From the Qiqo home page you will see all the rooms/meetings and then choose which room/meeting you would like to join.

  • Once you enter a room, make sure you click the green button in the top left corner stating “Join Discussion for ____ Room”.

  • There is a hidden dialogue for Zoom that will allow you to “move to other meeting”. To move to another room, click “Yes”. This will log you out of one Zoom call and into another.
  • If you are unable to join a room, try checking your other window for the pop-up prompt.
  • Qiqo Chat and Zoom function best when utilized in two separate windows. Please keep both windows up.

  • The chat feature on the Qiqo page should be used for macro level discussions. Use the Zoom chat feature in the rooms/meetings for project-specific discussions.

  • We have two virtual hallways set up alongside the break rooms; these will be open for the entirety of the virtual meetings for folks to drop in and participate in ad hoc conversations. If you’d like to schedule a specific topic for conversation, please add it to the master schedule on the event Wiki page in the Virtual Hallway columns.


Please email lfn-events@lfnetworking.org.

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