Brian Bearden

Jim Baker (LF)

Beth Cohen (Verizon)

Jonathan Beltran (AT&T)

Rabi Abdel (VF)

Bob Monkman (Intel)

Rick Tennant (AT&T)

Nick Chase(Mirantis)

Toshiyasu Wakayama  (KDDI)

Topics (Standing Agenda

  • Opening Comments / Agenda Bashing (5 min)
  • Review of Action Item Progress from Prior Call (15 min max)
  • Workstream Status Updates ( 35 min)
  • Recap Action Items (5 min recap)
  • Close Meeting


  • Status Updates:

    • Community Strategy & Oversight
      • Action Item - Each WS will work their section on Confluence
      • There are some from the OPV/OPNFV session that do not fit. May need assign a joint team to work (CSO will communicate need to OPNFV)
      • Need to work Prague issue list
    • Release & Lifecycle Management
      • GSMA PRD - No update since Prague
      • GSMA working out their internal method/process ownership
      • RM Release by GSMA - target Antwerp
      • Rabi and Brian working on streamlining the WSs
      • Action Item - Need to find individuals to own OVP, OPNFV, discussion form their groups. 
      • Action Item - Assign rest of AIs to CSO (Launch, OPNFV, OVP, etc.).
    • Recruiting, Engagement, & Adoption
      • Working on more formal process for engaging NFVi, VNF, and Service providers to engage.
      • Formalize trial plan
      • Recurring meeting starting this week. Taking action items from Antwerp and starting to look at formally engaging in trials with vendors, form concrete plan around it. 
      • Action Item - create more formal method of engaging vendors and operators. Need more compelling arguments. More one on one reaching out. Marketing group and REA have somewhat over lapping purposes.
      • Wikipage has list of companies that need to be approached. Need to make sure clearly understand concrete plan for trials. Especially for announcements in LA and Antwerp.
    • Marketing & Communications
      • Bob/Nick meeting about getting started on whitepaper.
      • Need got get speaking events process going.
      • Folks are starting to get notified about Kubecon. Nick will discuss with Kelvin.
      • ONES is written up by Beth. Nick is doing invite right now. CNTT is also getting a keynote - need to follow up with Heather. Beth has written up a Keynote for it.
      • Action Item - Beth send keynote write up to Brandon/Jim
    • Business | Technical Metrics
      • Action Item - Jim provide update on developer analytics data integration plan
    • Technical F2F Workshops
      • ONES NA initial planning session scheduled later today.
      • Right now there is only one room dedicated to CNTT. Second room dedicated to OPNFV. Will need to partner with OPNFV to share room.
      • On gov call last week there was discussion on starting early on Tues. Using un-conference room time slots. ONES is Mon/Tues, Tech disc is Wed/Thur. 2 days/5 rooms is it per Jim.
      • Action Item - Jim recommends book rooms early. ONES in Marriott. LFN Technical meetings in Sheraton. Expect larger attendance in LA.
      • 4 day event in Seoul, Korea in June, this is confirmed.
      • Action Item - reach out heavily to Asia carriers to get attendance. SK, KT, Samsung, etc. Brian has contact of Infra person at SKT.
    • Misc.
      • A: Beth/Rabi - ETSI is not doing infrastructure.
      • Q: What is the difference between what we are doing and what ETSI has already done. (Are we reinventing the wheel that ETSI has created.)

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  1. Regarding reaching out SK, KT, Samsung etc. I have contacts at those companies and I'm happy to share.

    Talk this later in Gov Steering call on Thursday, 29th Jan.