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Agenda Topics:


  • GSMA & LFN
    • Jisu Park Jisu would like to set up meeting in Prague w/Heather to discuss GSMA related items.
  • Technical F2F Workshop
    • Will move forward with scheduling Day 4 Workshops
    • AI - Jonathan Beltranreport a bug in the pollling function in
  • Technology Status
    • 10th January is 'code' freeze
  • RI_RC
    • Trying to closeout items on the status report
    • Target state lab working on alpha release of RI
      • Setup targeted for this week
      • Deployment compliance automation is being readied
    • MVP for RI and RC are aligned
    • Teams getting ready for Prague
  • Governance
    • CNCF / CNTT proposal for speaking has been put in for joint meeting at Kubecon, San Diego
    • AI - Jonathan Beltranadd Kubecon CNCF/CNTT event to LFN event wiki(s). Place where community is going to gather.
    • OIS in Vancouver, Beth Cohen proposing forum discussion. Ildiko Vancsaworking on it and will update CNTT when plans finalized.
    • Look into 5G Summit in Dubai as potentially having CNTT presence.
    • AI - All Please provide feedback on Discussion guide questions for Marketing & Communications interview of business stakeholders.
    • Send who, what, when, why of CNTT events to Jonathan Beltran for tracking.
  • Heather Kirksey "Thanks for a great year!"
  • Mark Cottrell "Very proud and thanks to everyone that made it happen this year."
  • Rabi Abdel Very important we start focusing on adoption, releases, etc. Encourage everyone to go to GitHub and give early feedback.


CNTT Technical F2F Work Shop - Key Updates:

  • Agenda has been updated to align with the LFN 2019 Prague Developer & Testing Forum Schedule
    • Includes "Welcome, breaks, lunch, and most "All Hands Events (exception Day 3)"
  • Overall CNTT schedule layout:
    • Day 1 & 2 - CNTT Plenary Sessions: Community & Work Stream Updates, Key Topics, and Alignment
    • Day 3
      • CNTT Technical Breakout Sessions
      • CNTT Structure Working Session (check agenda for location)
      • OPNFV | CNTT Joint Session (11:00  - 17:30)
    • Day 4 - Governance Plenary Sessions, including Recruiting, Adoption, Marketing & Communications, Business & Technical Metrics
      • ***Community members wanting an understanding & voice in the overall community governance strategies & direction should attend these sessions***
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