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Agenda Topics:

  • Anti-Trust Policies 
  • Walk-On Items - Agenda Bashing
    • VNF Vendor (ONAP Focused) Testing attending Prague
    • Identify two VNF type that could be trialed via a generic OpenStack on ONAP during the LFN event 
  • Housekeeping
    • Holiday Schedule Changes
      • Dec. 19th Gov Call
      • Dec. 26th Gov Call - No call proposed 
      • Jan. 2nd Gov Call - No call proposed 
  • GSMA & LFN Updates  Heather Kirksey Jisu Park
  • Governance Work Streams
    • CNTT Technical F2F Work Shop - Prague, January 13-16, 2020
      • Register Here
      • Agenda Review
  • Technology
  • Governance Work streams Overall Status  Mark Cottrell
  • Parking Lot
    • Kubecon readout


  • Walk On Items
    • Request from VNF Testbed organizers. Are their any Vendors on the call who can participate? Can recommend / name two VNFs to bring and try?
  • Housekeeping
    • Proposal to cancel Dec. 26th and Jan. 2nd calls. Consensus agreed to this.
  • GSMA & LFN Updates
  • CNTT Prague F2F 
    • Reviewed Gaps and Path forward doc. See changes and proposed path forward.
      • RM Ops and RM Com merge with RM Core session
      • RA1 merge with RA1 Core discussion.
    • Reviewed Latest CNTT specific Agenda. LFN has a master agenda on which all CNTT session will also be also.
    • LFN All hands event "Cross-Community Roadmap Review" 4pm-5:30pm Day 3, CNTT should send reasonable contingent.
      • Will include focus on dependencies across roadmaps.
    • Day 4 folks focuses on Governance.
      • Action Item - Rick Tennant Confirm people willing to facilitate. Doodle poll to confirm other planning to stay for it.
      • Governance important and will impact success of CNTT if we don't get participation and effort.
    • By Monday the LFN 'master' calendar will be populated so folks can begin planning their schedules.
      • Action Item - Jim Baker will send out template for presentations.
      • Action Item - Jim Bakerto send out latest registration numbers.
    • So far, 51 registrants from CNTT
  • Additional event schedules: by end of Prague event, should be announcing June/July event date. 4 day event.
    • After Prague will be 2-day workshop collocated with ONS.  Action Item - Jonathan Beltran put this event on LFN and other ONS even June/July (time and place to be announced) 
  • Technology Rabi Abdel
    • Reviewed attached status preso. 
    • Each "generation" will have a definition. Similar work being done on CNCF side.
    • RI_RC
      • Reviewed deck. 
  • Plugfest
    • VNF Vendors attending Prague, need volunteers for VNF Testing Challenge.
      • Need to get VNF Vendors familiar with tool chain, start VNF onboarding journey, understand the tool chain.
      • Maybe useful to have smaller roundtable to discuss challenging barriers for Vendors.
      • Is the main idea to try the test tooling? Well, would be awesome to come out of Prague with VNF compliance with ONAP.
      • Heather Kirksey  - looking to ensure vendors are early in the process from an Agile perspective.
      • Mark Cottrell - we need some friendly VNF companies. Large, Tier 2, 3, to help us trial and harden up the certification process.
        • Need to address the chicken and egg issue of whether it is adding value or not. So looking to try to back into process.
        • Need to have confidence can say CNTT certified VNF adds true value on Day 1.
        • Action Item - discuss Friendly trial VNF community partners in Prague (possibly day 4)
      • Jonne Soininen  - need to figure out what type of VNF would make sense (to start with as 'friendly')


CNTT Technical F2F Work Shop - Key Updates:

  • Agenda has been updated to align with the LFN 2019 Prague Developer & Testing Forum Schedule
    • Includes "Welcome, breaks, lunch, and most "All Hands Events (exception Day 3)"
  • Overall CNTT schedule layout:
    • Day 1 & 2 - CNTT Plenary Sessions: Community & Work Stream Updates, Key Topics, and Alignment
    • Day 3
      • CNTT Technical Breakout Sessions
      • CNTT Structure Working Session (check agenda for location)
      • OPNFV | CNTT Joint Session (11:00  - 17:30)
    • Day 4 - Governance Plenary Sessions, including Recruiting, Adoption, Marketing & Communications, Business & Technical Metrics
      • ***Community members wanting an understanding & voice in the overall community governance strategies & direction should attend these sessions***
  • CNTT agenda | topics will be uploaded into the 2019 Prague Developer & Testing Forum Schedule on Monday 12/16 which will serve as the master schedule going forward
  • CNTT agenda will remain on the CNTT page to attach materials, provide zoom links, etherpad, and other information
  • Facilitators will be contacted via email to confirm topic ownership (organize, prepare materials, etc.) - template will be provided for material. 
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