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  • Documentation: LFN Team developing an SOW to seek contractor. Community participation/input will be key.
    • SOW draft and scope of work completed
  • Next Steps:
    • Find a technical writer for hire. Any recommendations?.. discussions underway with potential writers.

LFN Developer and Testing Forum, January 10-13, 2022 (virtual event)

Architecture - (Amar/Heather)


Workplan - (Louis/Amar)

  • ONAP/Magma
    • Yogendra (Aarna) working with Lukaz (Orange)
    • Next step- Magma Instantiation; issue with hardcoded namespace
      • Target completion and readout by 12/14
    • Honolulu up and running. Helm chart issues discovered, suggesting remediation (Yogendra from Aarna to address). 
    • Target completion and readout by 12/14
  • End to end slicing- Issue with Kaloom lab firewall . Aarna to update(TCP packets not going through). updates? (Rebaca/Kaloom/A10)
  • Rebaca/Magma: Readout on Rebaca ABot testing with Magma. integrate with CICD of Magma
  • Document as you build
  • Do we need separate call for 5GSPB phase Next for execution?  (similar to weekly 5G Cloud Native Network demo). Alternate Tuesdays?

Adjacent Communities 5G Super Blueprint Integration (All)

  • Magma Slicing - network slicing and slicing security
    • This work is just starting in the Magma community.
    • Meeting from 11/23/2021 on Slicing and slicing security:
    • Kader- starting with static configuration of a network slice; basic orchestration onboarding
  • ONAP + Magma (orchestrate Magma CNFs using ONAP)
      • Aarna moving to ONAP Honolulu for this work.
      • ONAP Istanbul is due out on Nov 4. This release brings improvements for deployment and day2 of more complex CNFs. What is the LOE to move from Honolulu to Istanbul? Or wait for Istanbul?
    •   - Pending Seshu meeting.
    • ONAP+Magma integration- issue at TOSCA packaging level. ONAP community to assist in debugging TOSCA issues, starting 08/25. Helms charts working
    • Enterprise Task Force (Amar, Prabhjot, Siraram, Catherine, Kader, Phil)
    • Meeting Details Here:
    • Align with ONAP + Magma Milestones / Timeline
    • Onboard Magma Controller (gateway) with ONAP (currently as VNF)
    • Network Slicing. Reminder: Monthly meeting on how to align with other communities, address pain points. Next meeting: Friday, Aug 13, 10-11 AM CST time. Details in Magma community calendar: 

    • Networking Slicing Meeting last week including security efforts, breaking out into a separate meeting series. Working toward service assurance kickoff based on Magma capability. Meeting Details Here: TBD


  • Meeting on 12/14- keep
  • Meeting on 12/28 - cancel
  • Meet 01/04 (prep for Dev & Test forum). Reschedule the 01/11 meeting to 01/04 for Developer & Testing Forum prep/run through
    • Srini/Palaniappan- can we do a run-through of the session material on 01/04?
  • Meeting on 01/11 - canceled due to Developer & Testing Forum. See meeting on 01/04 above.

New Bridge: Invite and New Zoom bridge starting 11/30