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No Meeting on 2020-04-13


Agenda and Minutes

Action Items

DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In
1Topology content
Issue #638> Changes to RA-1 Ch03 and Ch04PR #1488
2PR's Requiring Review
as per PR
PR # 1387
PR #1387
3Flow Table

Raise issue for defining flows as per Ian Gardner comments in PR #1391: Issue #1454 created

a network flow diagram or table covering how traffic is managed depending on network type:

(we need a network guru to add the correct flows if I get any of this wrong)
Tenant. Traffic uses gre/vxlan and flows from compute to compute and compute to controller
Provider VLAN. Traffic flows directly to/from the compute node hosting the VM via OVS
Provider VLAN DPDK. Traffic flows directly to/from the compute node hosting the VM via OVS-DPDK
Provider VLAN SRIOV. ...
Neutron NAT. Traffic flows from the compute node to the controller and is NAT'd
CVR / DVR???

4PR's Requiring fixesCompletedPetar Torre

PR # 1389

Ahmed El Sawaf to provide a reference to RedHat et al performance sources/sizing guidelines and these can be included in the write-up.

PR #1389
5OpenStack Mandatory Features
Manik Sidana

Issue #1156 – no PR

Need inputs on mandatory features on  the OSTK APIs. Pankaj to change Issue writeup to "alignment of requirements and features"

6Security: Image Security
Yeeling LamIssue #1395 – no PR
7Security: Hardening
Yeeling LamTo open Issue and PR
8Security: Confidentiality & IntegrityCompletedKarine SevillaIssue #1217 – no PR;PR #1470
9Barbican write-up in RA-1 Ch03/Ch04CompletedKarine Sevilla

To raise Issue and Content

Already exists in RA-1 Ch05

Issue #1453

PR #1462

10Review SDN in RA-1 Ch 3.2.5Completed

PR #1391 add a subsection on SDN and reference to Ch 3.2.5

Issue and PR for RA-1 Ch 3.2.5 upgrade

Issue #1443

PR #1444

11SDN - Tungsten Fabric + any others(?)

Testing when using monolithic plugin.  Phase I: use Neutron APIs.

For Phase II, Q: how to handle custom APIs? Get upstream (OSTK)/another project to define common (useful) SDN API extensions.  What should be the CNTT position?  Wait for CNTT Network FG to define position.

12Security: Workload
Pankaj Goyal

RM 7.11.4 Workload Security

Issue #1467 created

PR #1469
13Security: LCMpotentially already covered?Karine Sevilla

RM 7.11.6 Security LCM

Appears to be covered in various chapters including other Security write-up and RA-1 7.2 NFVI and VIM Configuration Management and 7.3 NFVI and VIM Maintenance

14Security: Monitoring & Loggingpotentially already covered?Karine Sevilla

RM 7.11.7 Monitoring and Security Audit

Can we point to RA-1 7.4 Logging, Monitoring and Analytics