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  •  Execute Structural plans in alignment with org structure decisions above
  •  Propose a election schedule for new org  Jim Baker
  •  Refined Active Contributor calculation to ack CNTT github contributions and verify reporting (dependency on Org/Gov criteria)
  •  New subproject creation (new entities and old entities in new home) & repo creation & Project creation process (discussion in Gov group on work intake - collab w MeldGov)
  •  Proposed converged workflow OR keep separate workflows - place on agenda at MeldOps   MeldOps 
  •  Create any additional technical committees, working groups, other sub-groups  (list workstreams and projects in one table)
  •   Tools
    •  Converge OPNFV/CNTT Confluence Space ( and respectively)  
      •  Archive both current spaces, copy select content into new space
        •  Active projects move to new space
      •  Collapse the multi-space design of OPNFV into a flat-wiki - possibly a few different spaces, but not 1 per project
      •  Generate a list of the content to preserve from the existing wikis 
      •  Create new Confluence instance under new project name  
      •  Build out a common wiki (sooner rather than later)  
      •  Lock OPNFV and CNTT wiki Read ONLY  
    •  Create issue tracking tool (gitlab?)  MeldOps 
    •  Archive OPNFV Jira  
    •  Create a slack instance for the new project
    •  Merge CB/Insights reporting (dependency on repos and tool chain)   Jim Baker
    •  Initiate discussions on additional tool merges  Trevor Bramwell
    •  ReadTheDocs workflow  coordinate with Gergely Csatari
    •  Ensure header files in alignment with any IPR changes (see Legal Section )  
  •  Reconcile meetings and schedule management for all concerned parties – create a meeting page in the wiki and zoom bridges
  •  Release process definition and Release naming conventions  MeldOps 
  •  TAC inform on new merge project/OPNFV name change
  •  Define mailing list - work with TPM to implement  
  •  Code hygiene, code reviews and expectations - daily work methods (move to new TSC for discussion)
  •  Prioritize task list and add due dates  
  •  Cross education on CNTT chapters and OPNFV projects - collaboration domains  sunku ranganath
  •  Determine the release plans for 2021 and meld the cloud native requirements between R*2 and Cloud Native OVP/Kubref (move to new TSC)
  •  OVP branding strategy coupled with the RC2/RI2 plans (kuberef & marketing problem)
  •  Define PROPOSAL for the day-in-the-life of the future TSC and discuss the needed operational support (inputs/outputs)