DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Azhar Sayeed will update the TSC on Metaoperator by  
07 Sep 2021Azhar Sayeed2021-08-31 TSC Minutes
  • Propose solution about confd lacking in the following one or two week Vance Shipley
Vance Shipley2021-10-19 TSC Minutes
  • Post contents to confluence for review after meetingQihui Zhao
Qihui Zhao2021-10-19 TSC Minutes
  • proposal about kubernetes on multisite (? not sure about the statement) Azhar Sayeed  
Azhar Sayeed2021-10-12 TSC Minutes
  • Lab resource condition updates

2021-08-03 TSC Minutes
  • add a Friday meeting to discuss about ONAP VS XGVela.
2021-08-03 TSC Minutes
  • Azhar Sayeed list scope of XGVela release 1 and discuss next week.
Azhar Sayeed2021-08-03 TSC Minutes
  • a
2021-08-03 TSC Minutes