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LF Staff: Casey Cain

Community: @Aviv Guetta Rama SubbaReddy Michael Recchia 


  • Update about mavenir participation — Qihui Zhao
  • Following Plans for our research and release direction
    • Postpone release 1 
    • Find a release manager and build standard release process
    • Directions:
      • #1 Management related telco PaaS functionalities: CMaaS(verified but need to update the code) + TMaaS (verified) + Metrics (integration) + Fault analysis (optional) 
      • #2 OKD + CRD + Telemetry 
  • Use Case Discussion — Michael Recchia — postponed due to health issue
  • Topics for January DTF


  • Mavenir's participation may change due to budget and collaboration plans with public cloud
  • Postpone release 1 to 2022 – Passed
    • Feature expension: Existing FMaaS/CMaaS/TMaaS only contains partial functionalities for NF management, which lacks alarm, log, performance, heartbeat (optional), signaling (optional). 
    • Code API not clear: Interfaces for CIM module to interact with NF are not clearly defined. CMaaS northbound API changed from MANO specific interface using netconf protocol to Restful API.
    • Instruction: developer guide, required general paas integration instruction need to be completed & updated.
  • Release manager:
    • From Casey:
      • The project is not budgeted for that. We are working on something to help with a release guidance. However, the community should aim to lead the way in the long term.
      • Focus on milestones
    • CMCC has talked to Arpit to check if we can get support from the community.
  • Future directions & Features:
    • Qihui Zhao will prepare a presentation about CMCC plan to cover progress about Direction #1.
      • Direction #1 will stick to and continue on the work of year 2021.
    • Seshu Kumar Mudiganti will analysis actions need to be coverd on Direction #2 together with Azhar.
      • Define CRD for existing telco paas functionalities and support to be managed by operators, which could be extention for Direction #1. Extra work on data model will be included. in this direction
    • Then a vote will be made
  • Seshu Kumar Mudiganti Qihui Zhaoprepare topics for DTF and send to Casey through Slack
  • Invite Brandon to join tsc meeting to give intructions about how to better marketing XGVela

Action Items