Key principles

    • Keep it simple
    • Optimize for  navigation
    • Do not duplicate what is on (SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH)
    • Ease of maintenance is more important than using all possible features
    • Request: Keep similar color pallet to OPNFV + new colors for Anuket

Top level hierarchy

    • About Anuket
      • Mission/Scope
      • News (pointer to website)
      • Charter
      • Community Blog
    • Getting Involved
      • Standing meeting directory
      • Pointers to projects
      • How to propose projects
      • Learning Opportunities
    • Events
      • <pointers to events>
    • People
      • PTL directory
      • Seated TSC members
    • Governance
      • Anuket Technical Charter
      • Anuket TSC procedures & election process
      • Election supporting materials
        • 2021 Election
      • TSC
        • Minutes and notes
        • Key decisions
    • Projects
      • Directory to projects
        • Project A
          • Project scope and objectives
          • Standing Meeting Details
          • info.yaml
          • Notes and minutes
      • Services directory
        • Links to all the essential services
          • Jira
          • Confluence wiki
          • gitlab
          • //rtd
          • Community labs
          • LaaS
      • Project stages and life cycle
    • Releases
      • Release process
      • Artifacts
        • RM/RA
        • RI
        • RC
      • Req Working Group
      • Pointers to previous release artifacts
      • Release specific details
        • Release 1
          • Schedule
          • Requirements
        • Release 2
          • Schedule
          • Requirements
    • Resources
  • No labels


  1. Where would things like TSC meeting minutes go, plus meeting info (agendas, etc.).  Also, might want to have a skeleton proposal for projects, so each project has some amount of similarity, etc.

    1. Added a bit of a template for the projects and space for TSC - Thanks Lincoln Lavoie

      1. Thanks Jim, that looks good.

  2. This also looks good, however, my suggestion is to have About LFN, Mission, vision, People Governance, Events at top, Then Projects because it would be big topic with lot of subsections.

  3. I would propose renaming 'Getting Started' to  'Getting Involved' or 'Contributing' or something like that, as getting started can mean just getting to understand the project and how to use it, not how to contribute to it.

    One thing I'd like to see is a section on current status, to help people go from high level mission to 'where is Anuket now' before moving into the 'getting involved' level.   I think we need to have some help for people bridging the gap from "no knowledge of Anuket" to "deeply involved in one or more Anuket projects", more than just a mission scope or charter might say.

    1. Kelvin Edmison Thanks for the suggestions. Adopted the first idea.

      The second idea is probably materials best produced by the community - perhaps a blog? The website will probably include a media page, with a blog - similar to  - I'll add a pointer back to the "News" for Anuket too. I did note that the blog on the website is LFN produced materials - we could home a community driven blog in the wiki ala the one on this page: Meld Zone

      Does that make sense? Thanks for your ideas Kelvin!

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