Discussion items



“a day in the life of the Anuket (interim) TSC” since we have spent some effort compiling the tasks of the current TSCs. The goal here would be to come up with a joint agreed understanding of the (interim) TSC tasks
  • Brain-storm task list
    • Operating procedures
    • Release plan trial/refine
15 minArea of Interest/Topic Domains

30 min

 Discuss the implications of the merger on the release process. 

 Specific topics:

  • Requirements flow from specification to release requirements
  • Duration of first 2021 release


  • Brain-storm interim TSC task list (Jan 2021-Aug 2021)
    • Operating procedures 
      • voting process, procedures - merge multiple docs
    • Release plan trial/refine
    • Review consistency of release artifacts
      • docs
      • requirements traceability 
    • Eligibility for voting
    • Define gaps in the project coverage of specifications
    • Engage in MAC TAC SPC (see Meld Org notes)

  • Topic Domains
    • sunku ranganath  presented a concept of "topic domains"
    • Phil Robb Would deliver a faster feedback cycle on these domains
    • Heather Kirksey How much change would be appropriate in our re-org of projects?
    • Al Morton  Each member of the TSC would have a domain responsibility
      • IETF uses pairs of people to oversee a domain

Action items

  • Jim Baker to organize joint Meld Org/Gov and Meld Ops/TSC