Discussion items

  • Reference Compliance deliverables Trevor Cooper
  • Co-chairs election process Heather Kirksey
    • Options
      • Parallel (fOPNFV & fCNTT)
        • Pro: Ensures representation from both contributing communities
        • Con: Some TSC members span both, and which "bucket" they should run may be unclear
      • Single election (top two become co-chairs)
        • Pro: Streamlined, doesn't create confusion for those to span
        • Con: Might not have desired representation outcome
      • "Ticket" Election (Two folks run as one option)
        • Pro: Enables folks who believe they complement each other to run together, up to them to provide representation w/in the ticket
        • Con: Complicated and requires ticket creation, no past precedence
  • Anuket TSC time slot - how long and when - proposal: Tuesdays 1400UTC for 1.5hrs
    • UTC or US timezone based?
    • 60 min or 90 min?
  • Business coordination function Scot Steele
    • Heather Kirksey like the function, may have time pressure in the TSC meeting
    • Cedric Ollivier business conversation should be in MAC. Project promotion and event planning seem about project management
    • Jonne Soininen do we have to make this decision now? It is a responsibility of the TSC to make sure the work gets accomplished - let them decide how to structure
    • Heather Kirksey let's let the people interested create a proposal for the TSC after formation
  • Review of outstanding Meld Items for 2020 and 2021
    • Brain storm top priorities of the newly seated TSC

Action items