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Discussion items

15minInterim TSC election plans
  • OPNFV election for Anuket TSC starts  
  • CNTT to nominate Anuket TSC representation ??
10minConformance projects - what they deliver
5minBusiness Coordination FunctionFollowup on scope
20minRelease artifact discuss and agree



Interim Election Plans 

  • CNTT wishes that there is a good balance between operators and vendors
  • Plan: CNTT wait until OPNFV elected Anuket TSC members are named, then add additional operators (5) and suppliers (2)
  • Participating members of CNTT have reviewed and agreed to this approach
  • OPNFV elections complete  
  • CNTT nominating complete  
  • Push TSC chair and subsequent milestones out to the following Tuesday Jim Baker

Business Coordination Function

  • Over all organizational structure suggests the Business Coordination function is a part of the TSC and should be managed by the TSC
  • Either a separate workgroup or TSC members driving an initiative
  • Consensus: Keep it simple - they are necessary functions, TSC makes the decisions on how to accomplish the goals

Trevor has updated the org picture after the discussion ... see new page Anuket Org and Deliverables (Proposal)

Release Artifact Review and Decision

  • What are RC and RI specifically?
  • Is RI a recipe OR a running instance?
    • A RI is NOT a platform - it is a recipe that allows anyone to follow the recipe and end up with a conformant implementation
    • RI = a set of artifacts that allow others to build conformant instances
    • RI is NOT a production ready instance
    • RI is dependent on RC for completion of the testing process
  • Additional work required to map the work onto projects/staffing and RA2 variants

Trevor has created a new page and added notes from the discussion Anuket Org and Deliverables (Proposal)

Action items



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