When:  Bi-weekly, beginning Oct 19, from 12 - 1 pm.  Contact David McBridefor an invitation.

What: This meeting will provide an opportunity to review status and address questions or blocking issues regarding the following:

  1. Review and complete the project contribution template and project charter template (provided in Aug)
  2. Review project code and documentation and update as necessary to ensure an easy on ramp for new users:
    • Complete user documentation
    • Complete programmers documentation (if applicable)
    • Complete installation documentation
    • Documented use cases with code
    • Documented examples / recipes with code
    • Getting started or quick start guide
  3. Identify and confirm 5 organizations that may be announced as project supporters at the open source project launch.

Meeting Notes

Note:  On Feb 1, 2023, the scope of the meeting was expanded to include the SEDIMENT project, in addition to ProD3.

Mar 1, 2023

Note:  project formation has been completed (mostly) for ProD3 and SEDIMENT, so this will be the last of this meeting series.  

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy, Latha Kant, Rajesh Krishnan, Jon Kirsch


  • Debrief on announcement
  • GH issues (ProD3)
  • License scan results (SEDIMENT)
  • Next code contributions from ProD3?
  • Next steps


  • Rajesh - positive feedback from DARPA on announcement

  • Discussion with Jon and Rajesh about completing setup of GH for ProD3 (Rajesh has already completed for SEDIMENT).
  • Meet and greet with Gaming Umbrella (ProD3)? David to investigate.
  • SEDIMENT team to investigate whether they can engage with the 5GSBP
    • Some engagement already 
    • Peraton limited by contract (i.e., DARPA must agree to allow Peraton to attend 5GSBP meetings and charge hours)
    • David will re-introduce SEDIMENT team to Louis
  • Latha will look into the timing for future Peraton contributions to ProD3 (recall that Steve said that these would roll out over approximately a 2 year period)
  • This is the last meeting of this series.  SEDIMENT and PROD3 teams will look into setting up community meetings.

Feb 8, 2023

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy, Latha Kant, Jill Lovato , Jon Kirsch, Rajesh Krishnan


  • Charter and Contribution Agreement
  • Press Release
    • Supporting org review status?
    • Announcement logistics
  • Code contribution status
    • GitHub setup
    • Licensing headers
    • Code status


  • Charter and contribution agreements completed and signed.

  • Press release
    • Currently in review by DARPA
    • In parallel, the document is being shared with other orgs
  • Diane suggests another meeting on Feb 17 to confirm DARPA support
    • Diane is unavailable that date, so Latha will make the call.
  • Code contribution
      • waiting for DARPA approval.  
      • Identified participants and received LFIDs
    • ProD3
      • Similar status as SEDIMENT

Feb 1, 2023

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy, Steve Beitzel, Latha Kant, Jill Lovato , Jon Kirsch 


  • Charter and Contribution Agreement
  • Press Release
    • Ready for review by supporting orgs?
    • Since we have one announcement, will we have the same supporting orgs for both ProD3 and Sediment?
    • NIWC, DARPA approval
    • Other org approval
    • Format for review
    • Should SEDIMENT be capitalized.  Is it an acronym?
    • What is DARPA I20? 
  • Code contribution status
    • GitHub setup


  • Charter / Contribution agreement

    • Diane couldn't find the edit that Scott referred to
    • Charter and contribution agreement settled
    • Need to determine date for public access to projects.  Diane says that it depends on DARPA approval.
  • Press release
    • Need to work in MS Word (Diane)
    • Internal Peraton review first.  Then goes to marketing. Then to supporting orgs.
    • Need to complete press release, including internal review at Peraton, before submission to NIWC/DARPA Public Affairs
    • Steve:  may or may not have a common set of supporting orgs.  
      • If separate, we need to edit the press release to indicate two separate lists.
    • SEDIMENT should be capitalized (Yes SEDIMENT is an acronym and must be stylized in all caps. SEcure DIstributed IoT ManagemENT (SEDIMENT) for OPS-5G is the project name expanded)
    • ProD3 is an acronym for Programmable Distributed Defense in Depth for 5G services 
    • I2O = Information Innovation Office
  • Code contribution
    • Code is ready for contribution
    • Note:  SEDIMENT may ultimately have 3 or more subprojects.  Leading with remote attestation.
    • Needs to be reviewed and approved for release by DARPA
    • Peraton expects code contribution to be completed prior to PI meeting
    • SPDX compliant licensing header will be in place for every contributed file prior to public release
  • Request to add another meeting next week.  David will send invitation.  

Jan 18, 2023

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy, Steve Beitzel, Latha Kant, Jill Lovato , John Kirsch 


  • Introductions
  • LFIDs?
  • Code contribution status
  • Announcement at the PI meeting in Feb
  • Five project supporters 
  • Membership


  • Go for co-announcement at the PI meeting in Feb.

  • Diane D will coordinate with Jill on the announcement.
  • "Estimator Library" identified for initial contribution (C)
    • Provides an API by which client code can provide packets as they arrive and calculate metrics
    • John: The library is useful in standalone fashion
  • Following the Estimator Library, a simulation framework for simulating hops through a network (tentative)
  • Discussed licensing and SPDX. John will investigate the links shared by David.
  • Code is not yet in GitHub.  Need to complete DARPA review first.
  • Peraton team will investigate and identify 5 supporters
    • David / Mike to discuss NIWC support for open source project with Michael August
  • Diane / Steve to provide Jill with some text for the announcement.  Jill will provide a draft announcement back to Diane.
  • Possible issue:  Peraton funding has not yet been renewed, but is expected.  Contract is NOT at risk. Could result in a pause in effort.
  • David to setup meeting with Diane and Mike to discuss LF membership.

Nov 30, 2022

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy,Scott Nicholas, Steve Beitzel, Latha Kant


  • Scott has the action to provide a clean copy of the agreement.  That will happen today.

  • Steve:  team has begun reviewing project to determine which modules to deliver first.
    • Some refactoring expected to break dependencies
    • Possibly available late January
    • Would like to announce code contribution at PI meeting in Feb
  • Next meeting Jan 18.  David will cancel any other instances of this meeting between now and then.

Nov 16, 2022


Nov 2, 2022

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy, Jon Kirsch,Scott Nicholas, Steve Beitzel, Latha Kant


  • From Diane’s email:

    • Does inception of the project occur immediately upon adoption of the TC or can it be at a later time? 
      • Scott:  TC merely enables development
    • We don't currently have a github for ProD3. Should we ideally create and populate a ProD3 github before project inception?
      • Scott: "TBD" is ok for URL entry for contribution agreement
      • Scott: Set up the GitHub org with one word name:  TheLinuxFoundation
    • Scott:  no defined procedure for Committer resignation is necessary.  May be defined by the TSC as long as they don't make it difficult to resign.
    • Scott: copyright edits (Diane) are ok
  • Next meeting Nov 16


Oct 19, 2022

Attendees: David McBride, Diane Duffy, Jon Kirsch, Kenny PaulScott Nicholas, Steve Beitzel, Latha Kant


  • Templates reviewed by Steve B and Peraton attorneys.  No issues seen.  
  • Diane Duffy will be completing the templates. Expects to finish by the end of this week, barring any questions (Scott offered to meet with Diane if she has any questions).
    • Internal review
    • Send to meeting participants (estimate some time next week)
    • LF will respond with docusign request
  • Steve B wants to establish a pipeline to transition code to LF over the DARPA performance period (2 years)
    • Scott N - no issues
    • Steve has some components in mind for the initial transfer
      • These components analyze patterns in the packet stream.  They do have some dependency on code that will be transferred later.
  • Next meeting is Nov 2.


  • Diane Duffy to send completed project contribution and charter docs to meeting attendees

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