Notes from Joint TUG/CNTT Meeting Part 1 (Gdocs version)

Overview of TUG and CNTT groups

Interactive workshops/discussions 

Review of Chapter 1 of TUG Whitepaper

  • Feedback:
    • We should have a clear reference to things, like immutable infrastructure
    • Maybe we should describe that CNF-s can be run on any cloud and even bare metal

CNTT Cloud Native Reference Architecture (RA2)

  • Validation of the ToC of RA2. Are we discussing the right topics in RA2? (Gergely Csatari user-0322e )
    • Reference Architecture table of contents
      • If we would like to be agile we need less standardisation
      • What if a new CNI is released after we fixed it?
      • Let's define only CNI capabilities ↔ define a list of CNI-s
    • Cloud native
  • Validation of the principles we have in RA2 (user-0322e)
    • Scope diagram:
      • It was asked if the genesis node is part of the RA → not
  • RI2
    • Where will it be implemented (OPNFV or other)? → we do not know yet. 
  • Validation of the different chapter content of RA2 (user-0322e)
  • Validation of gaps if we have any (user-0322e)

LFN OVP compliance and validation

  • Where is this going? What needs to be added, updated, and/or removed to support K8s based platforms? What about hybrid platforms? (user-0322e )
  • Scoping of a RI-2 based on RA-2 (user-0322e)
  • ONAP collaboration with CNCF for test automation (Lingli Deng )

ONAP TSC/CNCF TUG meetup (Lingli Deng Srinivasa Addepalli ramki krishnan )

  • Moved to an other timeslot
  • New time and place to be added
  • We will also have monthly CNCF TUG - ONAP synch meetings

Notes from Joint TUG/CNTT Meeting Part 2

Overview of TUG and CNTT groups

On-going communications/check points (Gergely Csatari )

Lightning talks

External boundary conditions (Gergely Csatari)

Motivations to use Kubernetes in telco (Gergely Csatari user-0322e )

  • Business agility
  • CNTT assumes that there is a need for a Kubernetes based RA
  • CNCF TUG WP could cover this in a motivation of telecoms to move to cloud native
    • Principle chapter have some of the motivations
    • There are some problem statements on the CNCF TUG Google Drive 

Intro to the NSM - Nikolay Nikolaev

Performance testing of NSM and CNFs using Meshery - Lee Calcote

Security - Kris Nova 

X-factor CNF Methodology - Frederick Kautz

Tungsten Fabric - Sukhdev Kapur

Lessons learned from cloud native 5G Kubecon demo (Heather Kirksey + Azhar, Hanen and demo team)

Panel: Cloud Native for Telecommunications

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