LFN Projects have an ongoing challenge of more development, testing, and documentation tasks than resources (developers, testers, writers) available to meet those tasks.  This leads to slower progress in adding features to a project or strengthening its maturity for adoption.


  • Recruiting "casual developer"
  • Building pipeline via academics, students, interns
  • Encouraging more corporate contributions

Lessons Learned

Please see this session from the June 2020 LFN Developer and Testing Forum for insights into what has worked and hasn't worked for LFN and other projects.  Help Recruit more Developers to LFN Projects! 2020-06-22

Potential Approach

A potential approach is to address developer recruitment is to address it via 3 aspects:


  • What are the best ways to to promote the needs of LFN projects?
  • Should LFN have a "job board"


  • How do we recognize those that are contributing to LFN?
  • Linux Foundation has an agreement with Acclaim to allow issuance of digital badges, which are open credentials 
  • Awards


  • How do we make it easy for new developers to get onboarded?  Do certain tools help with that?


Jason Hunt

Abhijit Kumbhare

Catherine Lefevre (and will promote in ONAP TSC)

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