How does LFN assure that we are using language in our documentation and code that is inclusive and does not include any implicit or explicit bias?


TAC working group to provide to LFN projects:

  • terminology list with suggested replacements
  • guidance on how to implement (docs, code, tooling, versions, etc)

LFN Projects to implement suggestions/guidance as appropriate for their projects

Overall Plan

  • gather additional guidelines from LF and relevant standards groups on their terminology list
  • finalize a terminology list with recommended replacements
  • suggest scope & processes to implement

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Action items

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Bob MonkmanMinutes 2Sept2020

Background Information Gathered

(thanks Trevor Cooper )

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms -

Redis replaces master/slave language -

Salvatore Sanfilippo (aka Antirez), creator of Redis, ran an on-line Twitter poll of his followers, and found that 53% out of 6242 participants wanted to replace master-slave language; with 19% wanting to keep it and 28% that didn’t care.

Microsoft Style Guide advises alternatives to master/slave -

Google told Employees to Delete Politically Incorrect Language From Code -

Los Angeles, CA asked manufactures, suppliers & contractors to stop using master/slave terminology, calling it unacceptable & offensive -

Drupal -

Django - .  Lots of discussion on this thread from those on both sides of the issue.

IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) - . Proposal in process to replace master/slave and blacklist/whitelist language.  

GitHub – “Microsoft's Github is removing coding terms like 'master' and 'slave’”

Washington Post – “There’s an industry that talks daily about ‘masters’ and ‘slaves.’ It needs to stop.”

ZDNET (7/11/20) – “Linux team approves new terminology, bans terms like 'blacklist' and 'slave’”

Red Hat blog from CTO (and LFN board member) Chris Wright

ODPI open source project discussion:

Linux Kernal: Linux kernal community guidelines:


Table of reference replacement terms from links above and other sources

Project/CompanyTerm OptionTerm OptionTerm OptionComments





PythonMaster->ParentSlave→worker, helpers



Master→Primary, Principal, Controller

Slave→ Replica, Secondary, Agent

GoogleMaster->PrimarySlave→ Replica


Red HatMaster->Main

Whitelist→ Allowlist

Blacklist→ Blocklist

IntelMaster→Primary, Leader, Orchestrator, Host, InitiatorSlave→ Follower, Worker, Target, Responder

Whitelist→ Safelist, PassList

Blacklist→ Blocklist

IETFMaster→Primary, Leader, Active, Parent, CoordinatorSlave→ Secondary, Follower, Standby, Replica, Helper, Worker

TwitterMaster→ Leader, PrimarySlave→ Follower, Replica, Standby

Whitelist→ Allowlist

Blacklist→ Denylist


(to be confirmed)

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