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Al Morton Mike Lazar Jason Hunt Emma Foley Bob Monkman Timothy Verrall Jim Baker Zygmunt Lozinski Casey Cain


  • Discussion around how new terminology can be more technically accurate while avoiding biased language
  • Bob Monkman will also bring this working group's outputs back into the MAC
  • Discussion on candidate terminology to replace:
    • master/slave
    • blacklist/whitelist
    • blackbox/whitebox
  • Meetings to be held every other Wednesday at 1400 UTC.
    • Casey Cainto schedule recurring meeting & Zoom bridge
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  1. An update on the IETF work.  There are three proposed activities on "Terminology propsals" (= inclusive language) within the IETF. The current status is that the IETF General Area Dispatch (gendispatch) process is working out how to proceed. (IETF gendispatch decides if, how, who deals with a newly proposed work item). IETF gendispatch has been discussing what to do with the three proposals since July 2020.

    My summary is that there won't be a formal output (e.g. an agreed RFC) from the IETF in the immediate future that LFN can use.

    Minutes of discussion in IETF gendispatch interim meeting:

    07 Sep 2020 (draft)
    01 Sep 2020 (final)

    Three internet drafts (= proposed documents) have been created, the documents, and explanatory slide decks.

    IETF General Area Dispatch (gendispatch) charter: