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  1. Hi, I understand that we need help in consumption models, and would like to be helpful here.

    But to start with, I have a two basic questions here.

    1, How do we define ONAP consumption? If we strictly define it to be production deployment of community code, then we will rely on limited source of information, which we could not contribute directly at this time. But if we also consider architectural alignment and specification convergence, then we have a lot of use-cases in Chinese carriers we could bring forward as examples.

    2, Do we limit to the direct consumption by carriers only? If we also consider code/design consumption by vendors who are leveraging ONAP concept/code in their commercial solutions, we could also refer to several use-cases from our partners for reference, too. 

    1. Hi Lingli, these are very valuable comments. We have been thinking as end users of ONAP from a CSP's point of view i.e. actors who will consume ONAP inside a service provider; Operations, Developers etc...and what would the consumption model be from that point of view. It is not so much about community code, but more at an abstract level on what are the expectations of consumers of ONAP and how is ONAP fairing across those expectations. Code is one angle. We thought of vendors angle as well, but thinking was how will vendors consume ONAP to inturn deliver it as a service or as a distribution or as SIs of ONAP to CSPs again. But regardless, any inputs are very valuable. I urge you to please contribute, every contribution will count.

  2. Dear Atul,

    We think this version may seem some rough after reviewing it, and we're wondering whether it is possible to add more information according to the recommendations from white paper survey, including describing ONAP deployment patterns (e.g. hierarchical pattern, etc. Which is most of CSPs' future plan ) in more detail, integration patterns of ONAP and OSS, etc. Can we describe these information in a separate chapter? Or do you have any recommendations about how to merge them into white paper? We believe these contents are common consumption requirements from CSPs and would bring more value to the white paper.

    Best Regards,