Purpose of this paper:

  • ONAP is an Open Source network automation platform
  • Over last 2+ years, LFN Community has built the platform with inputs from many communication service providers & vendors
  • ONAP maturity has been focused on below areas -
    • Technical Robustness of the Platform & Use of Modern Software Development Practices
    • Functional Maturity of the Platform, Primarily Encompassing Network Automation Scenario / Journeys Supported for As Many Domains As Possible
    • Operational Readiness of the Platform, Aligning with Future of Networks & How to Operate Them in Mind
  • One of the bottlenecks towards consuming ONAP has been a lack of guidance around suggested consumption model, SI led, in-sourced, product-ised (distribution led) or any other
  • Creation of a world class platform is an art which LFN has been perfecting, it is consumption of that platform in CSPs and considerations towards that, which this white paper is trying to focus on

Table for contributors to white paper and status

Contributor / CSP

Section Responsibility



Saad Ullah Sheikh (STC)

Cecilia Corbi (TIM)

Beth (Verizon)

Section 1 : Purpose of the Paper

Draft View Available

Beth (Verizon)

Section 2 : Journey of similar initiatives

Marc-Alexandre Choquette (Bell)

Brian Freeman (AT&T)

Vodafone (Atul)

China Mobile (Lei Huang)

Section 3 : Consumption Models

Semi Draft, Needs Work

Need AT&T & Bell's inputs (Skills ?, process ?)

Should we outline process / few points for other options ?

White Paper Action Log and Allocation

Contributor / Action On


By When


Saad / Cecilia

Section 1

  • Enhance the section with diagrams / rough sketches is ok, we will ask MAC to help with designer graphics
  • Lift and shift content relevant to other sections
6th December 2019
All Others

Review Section 1 / Place comments with your name and rational

Add any other additional content / diagram etc...

6th December 2019Keep in mind that this section is introduction, leverage some of the comments from Lingli, I think there is some good messaging there
Call for Volunteers

Section 2

  • Pick 3 open source projects and create 5-10 bullet points and one timeline infographic diagram, even if it is drawn by pen and photo pasted it is ok
  • Example - Open Source MANO, OpenStack, etc...
6th December 2019This section is blank, Beth is struggling with time and hence we need more volunteers
 Brian / Scott (AT&T)
  •  Wrt to this topic, what is sharable by AT&T
  • Please articulate on section 3 with any diagrams, ANY contribution is valuable
 6th Dec 2019
 Marc (Bell)
  •  Bell has some interesting story to say, Marc can you please add some content / diagrams ? Bell's journey or model that you can share publically
 6th Dec 2019 If Marc does not join, Atul to reach out to Marc by this Friday 6th Dec '19
 Atul (Vodafone)
  •  Add content and diagrams
  • Refactor content with instead of Pros Cons, features / benefits - take comments of S.American markets into consideration (Telecom Argentina) - one market's pros can be other market's cons, the paper has to reflect reality without biasness to any model
 6th Dec 2019 Atul to start producing a consolidated view

Actions from Jan 2020 Prague Committee Meeting

Date / Action

Action On



Date / Action

Action On



14th January 2020 (Prague)

Introduction section to be cleansed, move relevant sections to right places and add diagrams (indicative)

Joint / Atul

14th January 2020 (Prague)

Section 2, example projects

Beth (Atul to pick if Beth is busy)

14th Jan 2020 (TBC by January end 2020)

ONAP Survey Creation & Publication

Lei / JimSurvey completed, results to be curated for white paper on 11th Feb 2020


Key Milestone

Complete the Paper ContentFeb 25th 2020
Share with sister committees & request feedback March 10th 2020
Share a form paper with Brandon for MAC magicMarch 11th 2020
Publication Planned (Just in time for ONES, NA)March 30th 2020
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