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  •  Post ONE Summit and White paper- evaluate the status and trajectory of the AI Taskforce as compared to the rest of the industry in general; are we ahead of the curve? behind the curve? inline?, and adjust as needed. @all
2024-04-10 LFN AI Taskforce Minutes (0200 UTC)
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2024-03-27 LFN AI Taskforce Minutes (1500 UTC)
  • LJ Illuzzi Setup ad-hoc call with China Mobile and Infosys. Topic: Can a demo/PoC be done in this timeframe of ONE Summit/D&TF
LJ Illuzzi2024-02-28 LFN AI Taskforce Minutes (1500 UTC)


  • Ranny Haiby  invite Sridhar Rao to the next meeting to discuss the status of Thoth  
  • Kenny Paul reach out to mailing list for a speaker on Evaluating existing Networking AI assets coming from member company contributions - how to approach
  • Kenny Paul reach out to Lucy Hyde to see if we can get a speaker to discuss  ^^^