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Collecting Requirements for Orinoco 

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Overarching Goals

  • Alignment with RA2 -
    • Versioning (Kubernetes, Functest, and CNCF TestSuite)
    • Stability is critical, Do we use Nile for the basis or can we adapt to Orinoco. 
  • Adoptability: Updates to Chapter 5 - are they need. 

Review of Chapter 2:

Iterations - Do we consider Levels (silver/platinum) by increasing the number of its.

Review of Chapter 4:

Update Testing to align with RA2 requirements.

Work with CNCF to determine the level of pass/fail for Telco specifics. 

Configurable - make the capability for that. 

Work on making calling specific CNCF tests in in Functest. 

Asking the cluster - accepting output vs testing execute 

Attempt to implement more of the RA2 requirements - going to a execute validation. 

More configurability overall.

Action Items