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60 mins, Lei Huang Yan Yang Sridhar Rao 

Introduce the practical experience and follow-up plan of the Anuket Thoth project in the construction of network intelligent ecology.

Topic Overview

In order to realize the ecological construction of network intelligence, the LFN Anuket Thoth project carried out a series of exploration practices from the perspectives of tools, frameworks, data sets, and algorithm models based on the end-to-end construction and deployment requirements of network intelligence scenarios. This topic will first introduce the background, delivery goals and sub-project information of the Thoth project, then introduce the project’s achievements and follow-up plans to developers, including network intelligent algorithm R&D tools, frameworks, collaborative innovation competitions, etc. Organize open discussion for developers to collect research and development requirements from community, and introduce different roles and ways of participating in the project. We hope that through the sharing of this topic, we could carry out two-way communication with community developers, and realize a virtuous cycle of network intelligent open source ecological construction.

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Awesome presentation

  • Thoth project introductio, including background, goal, su-project info.
  • Thoth project release R&D achievements, including tools, frameworks, dataset, competitions,etc.
  • Thoth Orinoco release plan.
  • Thoth participation ways and contact info.
  • Q&A open discussion.


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