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We'll present some important progress XGVela team has made in Release 11.2022. This year, we have complete the development and documentation of cloud native OAM, which is a group of operation and management functions for upper layer management systems to manage NFs. Key functions of cloud native OAM include NF register, NF management, NF business topology management, NF configuration management, NF performance management, NF alaarm management, and NF log management. 

Topic Overview

  • Cloud native OAM design introduction: introduce the backgroud, architecture, microservice design, and detailed functions.
  • Cloud native OAM interface introduction: introduce the northbound interfaces of cloud native OAM
  • Cloud native OAM Demo

Slides & Recording

Introduction about XGVela Release 11.2022 LFN2023.mp4

Cloud native OAM architecture.pptx

Release 11.2022 Review


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