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Topic Leader(s)

  • @Yan Yang

Topic Description

20m, Yan Yang 

Requirements for ONAP CNF certification

Topic Overview

Give a introduction about AAP program,including AAP badge categories and AAP2023 planing

Summarize the existing ONAP CNF orchestration approach and discuss how ONAP participates in AAP to provide CNF certification, including ONAP CNF testing requirements, test cases, etc

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Awesome presentation

  • AAP will expand the badge scope to CNF workload and lab in 2023

  • In order to support CNF testing,some other questions for ONAP community:

    • The most valuable CNF testing and certification requirements for CNF vendors and operators?
    • The minimum conformance and validation requirements for CNF that can be included in the 2023 AAP release?
    • Which release would be used for 2023 AAP CNF badges?
    • Which project will define the test requirments?
    • Which project will support the above test cases implementation?
    • Are there potential vendors that can participate the CNF bages?


  1. Is CNF V&V only possible by AAP?  Are there any other organizations that offer independent testing and certification?
  2. Follow does CNCF offer compliance service?
  3. What is the unique value of AAP? If CNCF has similar offering?
  4. This is the program for the CNCF

Action Items