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30m, N.K. Shankaranarayanan 

We describe the ONAP 5G SON use case solution for VES message notification and CPS DB database update which follows a RAN configuration change

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The ONAP 5G SON Use Case implements sample applications which manage O-RAN Network Functions (NFs) to optimize a Radio Access Network (RAN). When there is a configuration update, the RAN NFs send a Configuration Management (CM) VES message. For the London release, we have converged on an architecture and workflow for generating and processing CM VES messages from the simulated RAN NFs, and updating the network configuration in the ONAP CPS DB which maintains a consistent copy of the network configuration. The solution is aligned with 3GPP/O-RAN and reusable for configuration management of other NFs using a yang-based configuration model.

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Slides (pdf): 20230216_LFN_DTF_Network_CM_Update.pdf

Recording: 20230216_LFN_DTF_Network_CM_Update_video.mp4


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