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30 min, Sandeep Sharma 

In this topic, we will go over Infrastructure orchestration and management by specifying simple intents using the Nephio platform. 

Topic Overview

Nephio is an intent-driven cloud-native automation platform which can automate the Infrastructure, workload and day N configuration of the workloads.

In this topic, we will explore how Nephio can be used to perform the following,

  • Create Kubernetes clusters in the cloud provider platform of your choice.
  • Specify basic properties of the cluster like regions/zones, cluster size, etc., using high-level intent.
  • Continuous reconciliation of the Infrastructure intent specified by the user.
  • Preparation of the cluster for workload automation. 

Slides & Recording

Nephio Infrastructure Automation.mp4


Awesome presentation

  • Infrastructure automation using Nephio 
  • Cluster preparation for workload automation.