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Topic Description

30m, Sandeep Sharma Vivekanandan Muthukrishnan 

In this topic, we will explore how Nephio can address the day N configuration management of PNFs/CNFs.

Topic Overview

In this presentation we will go over the following,

  • A controller(or multiple controllers) to serve declarative API for PNF configuration and management. 
    • Controller will create PNF device CRs, which define the PNF, its properties and connectivity information. 
  • CRD definition for PNF configuration, this will be the PNF configuration intent.
  • PNF configuration(data) management.
    • Vendor releases/updates configuration data, example yang models to the Nephio PNF catalog repo. 
    • Continuous reconciliation of the configuration data in all the sites. Leverage the existing tools i.e porch, configSync etc. 
  • Support for different protocols i.e NETCONF, RESTCONF.
  • PNF configuration discovery to support Plug and play of PNFs.

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