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30 minutes David Armbrust 

Security Call Data Records (SCDR) – Enhanced security visibility and operational transparency in the end-to-end Network Slice. – Development and presentation of Use Case scenarios.

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As the once disjoint networks of telecommunications carriers and enterprises integrate via network slicing, so too must the stove piped security mechanisms integrate to provide enhanced security visibility and operational transparency to optimally protect the end-to-end aggregate infrastructure. This paradigm shift in security frameworks must include all available information and adapt to the realities of ubiquitous 5G communications connectivity. Stove-piped security enclaves will become insufficient to detect the overarching and dispersed threat surface of end-to-end network slicing made up of disparate carrier, vendor, MEC, and V2X component networks of non-collaborating security enclaves. SCDR framework provides for a mutually supportive security collective.

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Security Call Data Records (SCDR) Use Cases LFN2023.mp4


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Muddasar Ahmed 

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