LF Staff:
Committee Members:

  1. Scot Steele
  2. Beth Cohen
  3. Gergely Csatari
  4. Timo Perala


  • General Topics
    • Review of Strawman Wiki Guidelines
    • Discuss next steps
    • Define Objectives for the DTF meeting.


Review of Strawman Notes:

  • Reference materials 

    • General Agreement on the Strawman
    • How to handle the join /get starting - maybe on Web site vs the Wiki
  • Point in time documents

    • General Agreement on the Strawman
  • Lifecycle

    • General Agreement on the Strawman
  • Document map

    • Added that the Page tree can act as the map.
  • Maintenance

    • General Agreement on the Strawman
    • Important to ask each community to assign "guardians" to the wiki to manage 
    • Possible automation to age documents? Scot Steeleto research Confluence
      • Do we set a yearly page review?
  • Blog Posts

DTF Session Agenda:

30 min session:

  • 10-15 min Review Strawman
  • 5 Min Review other areas 3for committee (see below)
  • 10 min collect other areas for committee to work on and priorities

Other areas for the committee to consider - To be reviewed with at the DTF session

  1. Recommendations for Web pages for Projects
  2. Recommendations for Blogs
  3. harmonized tooling
    1. What are the communities using.
  4. Priorities

Action items