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30m, Yogendra Pal

8am ET

Orchestrating Magma using EMCO and ONAP CDS

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In this session, we will show how Magma core (Access Gateway(AGW) & Magma controller/orchestrator (NMS)) can be deployed on different Kubernetes cluster.  Post deployment of Magma controller and AGW,  an automation workflow from CDS will be triggered to illustrate unregister the stale AGW and register the newly brought up AGW with Magma contoller.

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  • Introduction to Magma components
  • How Magma components are orchestrated using EMCO
  • Demo
    • Orchestration of Magma component (NMS) on the K8s Mgmt cluster
    • Orchestration of Magma AGW on the K8s KuD cluster
    • Automation of register/unregister AGW with NMS via CDS (CBA).


Sriram Rupanagunta

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  1. Sriram Rupanagunta,  if possible, it is good to show the traffic flow too, the way you guys did with Rebecaa (simulating UE and gNB with free5GC).  In this presentation, Magma core is going to replace free5GC core I guess.

    Also, we can change the title to something like this "Realizing 5G with Magma Core & EMCO" (smile)?