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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Overview

Presentation covers:

  1. A brief revision overview of what Configuration Persistence Service (CPS) is
  2. A high level introduction of the key concepts introduced by CPS
    1. Dataspace
    2. Anchor
    3. Model driven persistence
    4. Ownership
  3. Caching network function data
  4. Transforming network function data to provide a network view
  5. The scope of what is planned for Honolulu to support E2E Network Slicing (& SON PCI as stretch)
  6. Some of the next steps for Istanbul and beyond

Slides & Recording





There was a suggestion that this should be shared with a wider network management/operations/DB community as the concepts (key choices) are very interesting and a big step that more companies should become aware of to make it easier to support new models quickly.

Action Items