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This session will be an interactive one. The leaders of this activity will provide a quick recap of the work done so far, and then open the floor for questions and suggestions. The Taskforce is very much interested in the priorities of the community with regards for making ONAP orchestrate Cloud Native network functions. Anyone who is interested Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF) is welcome to join this session and share their thoughts on this subject.

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  • Q:@Seshu, We used to have SDC Client in Multi-Cloud project to get notified whenever NS/VNF package is onboarded in SDC, and if it is Helm related NS/VNF package, then it used to upload that in "Multi Cloud K8s plugin". With the CNF adapter in SO, is that SDC Client still required?
    Srini Addepalli (Intel) to Everyone (5:39 AM)
    • A: Yes Srini, the notification is still there in place as of Guilin to keep the backward compatibility
  • Q: @Seshu, Second question: Does CNF adapter call Multicloud-k8s APIs directly or the flow is still via Multi Cloud APIs & Multi Cloud broker?
    SaiSeshu MUDIGANTI (Huawei) to Everyone (5:39 AM)
    • A: @Srini, we make the direct API call
      its not through MC
      we intent to extend it further it to the V2 API in future
  • Q: Vijay Venkatesh Kumar  - What about monitoring and control loop
    • A: DCAE is on the todo list, but not started yet. Prometheus is a candidate for telemetry, may be an alternative to VES
  • What is your recommendation for end users - should they experiment with CNF orchestration in Guilin? Wait until Honolulu is out?
    • Guilin maintenance release has all the functionality presented today
  • Where is the documentation for CNF on-boarding and deployment?
  • How could developers get involved? Where do you mostly need help?
    • See the "Interested - join us" section above in the minutes. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation and start contributing.

Action Items