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Topic Overview

What does ONAP offer to an enterprise customer (IoT, Financial, Gaming, Healthcare, etc) that we can't get from existing cloud offers or outside the Cloud?

A new TSC Task Force was kicked off on January 20th, 2021 in order to define ONAP added-value for Enterprise Business. This session is an opportunity for the new ONAP TSC Task Force to collect feedback from a broader audience (Network Operators, Network Function Vendor, Infrastructure Vendor, Enterprises, etc).

Slides & Recording

Deck: LFN_ONAP_Enterprise Business_V2.pdf

Recording: LFN ONAP Enterprise Business.mp4


  • Identify the targeted audience: Not only Carriers but also Cloud Providers, Enterprise Companies, 3rd party vendors, IT Integrators, etc.
  • Importance to rework our ONAP Added Values Message for the targeted audience 
  • Walmart (large retailer in the US) has recently joined LFN
  • Initial use case for Enterprise Business: private networks 

Action Items

  • Rework our ONAP Added Values Message 
  • Follow-up with Google/Walmart and other LFN Members
  • Collect any EUAG Use Cases
  • Contact Enterprise Business Units within our own company
  • Kick Off a Survey
  • Identify owners for each action item identified above (smile)