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Elbrus Release

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Agenda and Minutes

  1. Agenda Bashing
  2. Antitrust Policy: https://r.lfnetworking.org/Antitrust%20Slide.pdf
  3. Please register for Anuket RA1 mailing list: https://lists.anuket.io/g/ra1
  4. Review Open Issues and PRs
  5. Next release work items:
    1. RM Alignment: what should we include?
    2. Other Topics:
  6. AOB
    1. Next meeting will be  2021-??

PR/Issue #Summary of whatContent LinkAssignee(s)Review ReadyNotes/Status
2045Storage Content
Kodi Atuchukwu
Move to Backlog

Issues with no PRs -see RA1 Project Board:

Action Items (other than PRs and Issues)

DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In

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