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Agenda and Minutes

  • Chapter 3 Restructuring
  • Define what level CNF testing is for CNTT 

    • testing the CNF that would interact with the infrastructure so we can then test the infrastructure to understand if they are ready for one another
    • CNCF checks the "cloud nativeness" of the CNF which may go beyond what RC2 needs to cover of just how it interacts with the infrastructure - need Taylor's review
    • want to check things that matter and want it to be a short list
    • not testing CNF functionality, primarily orchestration and limited execution of the CNF
  • Initial traceability for CNF requirements

  • Increase platform test coverage

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  1. Hi Bill, Pankaj Goyal and I showed-up an hour-late, when the meeting invite/reminder occurred. Sorry to miss you today!

  2. Hi Al MortonSorry to have missed you last week. You and Pankaj Goyalcan find the new invite below. We will also be skipping the next two weeks. This week is KubeCon and the CNF Working Group kick off is at the same time and next week is Thanksgiving. Let's pick back up on the 2nd.