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The main focus of the presentation is to describe the main features that are introduced for CNF Day0/1 support n Guilin release. REQ-341 that covers the scope of this work introduces such changes like native onboarding of Helm package and its orchestration by SO, improved support for Helm enrichment/customization performed by Controller Design Studio or capability of fetching status information of k8s resources. In the end, there will be presented shortly plans for further extensions to REQ-341 for Honolulu release.

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  • Support for container repository in the proposed approach - integration with ETSI path
  • Long direction - service orchestration with TOSCA based composition where helm package can be replaced by TOSCA definition?

Chat minutes:

  • Konrad Bańka - I've been asked question via private channel during meeting but I didn't manage to read fully who asked it and full question but... trying to answer it now.
    • Q: Is KUD the only platform capable for running ONAP-managed CNFs?
    • A: No, KUD is example platform that in case of vFW is used because it contains all the relevant addons preinstaled (namely multus, virtlet, ovn4nfv). For all the other (simpler) cases any k8s could be used, even the one where ONAP is deployed on.

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