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Topic Leader(s)

  • @Qihui Zhao
  • @Seshu Kumar M
  • @Liu Ying
  • @khemendra

Topic Overview

Discuss aspects of XGVela could collaborate with the other opensource / SDO projects in the Teleco industry. Many vendors and telco operators are moving towards cloud native network after the popularization of NFV. In this session, we would introduce the topic of the integration ideas of XGVela with other opensource (ONAP, OPNFV, CNTT...) and SDO (GSMA, ETSI, 3GPP, TM Forum...) that are being discussed w.r.t XGVela and the roadmap around this. The intention of this presentation is also to discuss with a broader forum on the ideas around the integration and take inputs as a stepping stone for this journey.

Slides & Recording

Slides - XGVela Cross-Community Collaboration.pdf

Recording - starts at 00:14:30

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Action Items