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  • Short Description:  How LFN EUAG serves as the "voice of the customer" within the LFN community

  • Detailed Description: There has been some community thinking about where and how innovation feeds into the community.  Traditionally, the operators have relied on Vendors to drive innovation, but that is changing as more operators prefer to contribute directly to projects.  The process for pulling in requirements appropriately into a community that expects code as requirements needs to accommodate both approaches.  The EUAG can fill that role.

  • I think this would be a good place to get information about the telecom community and how it consumes Open Source and how it needs to provide the requirements to drive innovation in intelligent networking, 5G, edge and a bunch of other things that the Telecom community is interested in, but unless Telecom drives it, isn’t going to get the attention that it needs in the Open Source community.  I think that this is particularly an issue with Containers and Kupernates.  As we discovered, there are many gaps in Kupernates that make it less than Telecom friendly.  So here are topics I think we should bring up:

  • What are the highest priorities for developing Open Source technologies for Telecoms (5G, O-RAN, K8S, Orchestration and automation, AI/ML applied to networking, etc.)
  • Where can the EUAG best put its limited resources to make sure that the Telecom voice is heard?
  • How can we work with vendors to share our requirements through the Open Source mechanism?
  • For communities such as ONAP, the feedback ways for requirements are relatively clear, but in communities such as K8S, we lack relevant practices. 
  • Other?

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EUAG is rethinking it's role in LFN from its Role as serving ONAP

What are the things that can be done support the community better?

Advocate for wider range of communities

We need to have bi-directional communications. Both Operators and Suppliers must participate equally.

Heather Kirksey Question: EUAG was originally meant to cover LFN community, Should we consider a decentralized EUAG.

Scot Steele Hybrid Model? EUAG in each community with a liaison to the a LFN level EUAG?

Coordinating Surveys and Scheduling to avoid the fatigue - EUAG at the LFN Level to manage? or the MAC?

How do we solve the Issues with Resourcing?

Lei Huang EUAG is at a higher level and may be more "generic" which could create some problems

Relationships with other orgs - engagement to support LFN - EUAG has a A play? Staff involvement is likely necessary

GSMA Example

Need to establish a way to measure outcomes - Get concrete

Determine WIFFM for both sides

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