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Control Loop in TOSCA_Virtual Event Oct 2020_final.pdf

Control Loop in TOSCA_Virtual Event Oct 2020 Recording


The presentation has been followed by 68 persons.

Some slides has been shared about background, overall scope of the PoC in Rel G, next step in Rel H

The PoC has been progressed  

Time was enought for some iteraction with the attendees sharing questions about:

1) Control Loop DT catalogue implementation

2) REST API implementation and TOSCA format

3) Use of Clamp in the PoC

4) Possibility to reuse a CL Template for the instantiaiton of multiple CL instances

As additional reference has been shared the TOSCA Defined Control Loop PoC page where TOSCA files have been provided have been provided

Action Items

  • Michela BevilacquaLiam Fallon : progress Rel H discussion in Control Loop Subcommittee to decide which components could be uplift to ONAP mainstream and further details Rel H ambitions