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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Overview

Subcommittee meeting to discuss Honolulu Requirements etc.

Slides & Recording


  • Vijay Venkatesh Kumar  will be able to demo current Self-Serve control loop DCAE-MOD work done in Guilin in the next few weeks. Will schedule as appropriately.
  • Next week Liam Fallon will help discuss TOSCA PoC next steps
  • Discussion on future work of Multi-Tenancy PoC, potential work in Policy Framework may be a big step towards supporting geo distributed Control Loops.
  • Proposal for combining CLAMP/Policy - subcommittee thinks that should be brought to the Architecture subcommittee and TSC
    • Would a Control Loop project be a better fit vs moving unrelated code into policy project?
  • Pamela Dragosh  - will send an email to Orange to see if changing meeting time would help bring them onto the CL subcommittee

Action Items