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Agenda and Minutes

  • Technical Steering Topics
    • Release Status - Baraque
    • Next Release
      • WSL - Please update items at CNTT Elbrus Release Cycle
      • Dates - Tentatively posted at link above
      • Name - tentatively posted at link above, need a Zoom vote
    • Issue #1874"[Tech Steering] To what level do we go to ensure 'consistency'"
      • Open for comment
    • Updates from WSL's (critical Github or other issues / inform as needed)
      • Updates shown below
      • No issues raised
      • RM, Edge
      • 1-stream:  RA-1, RI-1, RC-1
      • 2-stream:  RA-2, RI-2, RC-2
    • Updates from Officers Items
      • Updates shown below
      • No issues raised
      • Chief Technical Editor
      • ONAP Technical Coordinator
      • OPNFV Technical Coordinator
      • CNCF Technical Coordinator
      • CVC Technical Coordinator
      • Automation and Tooling
      • ONF: Open Networking Foundation
      • ETSI
      • LFN EUAG
      • TIP
      • ODIM

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Meeting Info

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