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852737713RA-1 Workstream Meeting

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Pankaj Goyal


Sukhdev Kapur


Mehmet Toy


Karine Sevilla


samuel hellec


Cédric Ollivier


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Baraque Release

  • Important Dates:
    • Sep 14: M3 (Freeze contributions) - TODAY

Meeting Recording: none

Agenda and Minutes

  1. Agenda Bashing
  2. Antitrust Policy: https://r.lfnetworking.org/Antitrust%20Slide.pdf
  3. Review Open Issues and PRs
    1. Please watch Project dashboard for new items to review and approve till end of September 18. Also other project dashboards.
  4. AOB
    1. Will cancel September 21 and 28, 2020, meetings
    2. Everyone to formulate scope of work for next release and create Issues.

PR #Summary of whatContent LinkAssignee(s)Review ReadyNotes/Status

Issues with no PRs:

PR #Summary of whatAssignee(s)PR to create dateNotes/Status
1552Align with ONAP Security Requirements

Action Items

DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In
1E2E ReviewOngoing
2RA1 Requirement Changes
AllPlease check if there is a corresponding requirement in RM and if there exists one then also make change to the RM requirement.

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