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Baraque Release

  • Important Dates:
    • Sep 14: M3 (Freeze contributions) 

Agenda and Minutes

  1. Agenda Bashing
  2. Antitrust Policy: https://r.lfnetworking.org/Antitrust%20Slide.pdf
  3. Review Open Issues and PRs
    1. Issue #1836 and PR #1837: Single pane of glass across multi- IaaS clouds for workload orchestration. Sukhdev Kapur to close #1836 and 1837, to open issue in RM Chapter 10 and the associated PR will be worked on by Sukhdev Kapurand Walter Kozlowski referring RM Ch3 model. The RM will also define requirements for this.
    2. Issue #1075: Pankaj Goyal to create PR to comment out the 3 SDN requirements. These will be worked on later once RM has defined SDN requirements, these will be worked on in RA-1.
    3. Issue #1156 (mandatory features) closed as this issue was worked on via 2 PRS that have already been merged. Later if we identify any features that need to be changed we shall open new issues.
  4. Review Actions Items List
  5. AOB

Action Items

DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In
1E2E ReviewOngoing


2Consistency of mandatory featureTBDIssue #1156 to be fixed in Baldy.
3Review auto-scaling

Issue #1052 Pankaj Goyal to contact Deepanshu Bhatia – he has removed himself. Should we continue to work on this issue? Ian Gardner will assign this to himself

4RA-1 Ch 02 align with Ch06
Karine SevillaRA-1 Ch02 and Ch06 cleanup is complete.
5Review Chapter 08 content and revise
Sukhdev Kapur4 gaps moved to RM Ch10; 1 gap remaining in RA1 Ch08

Issue #1080 closed; Issue #1019 remains open for tracking and discussions.

Based on RM write-up on SFC, we will take further action

7SDN Issue

Issue #1075 review

Cedric Ollivier this 3 requirements could be removed or at least partially rewritten (SDN solution -> networking solution, SDN controller -> networking implementation, etc)

Walter Kozlowski Sukhdev Kapur to correct requirements

Walter Kozlowski has recommended that we remove ("comment out') SDN requirements until RM has defined them

8Enable 2 Reqts for Train
Cedric Ollivier

https://github.com/cntt-n/CNTT/pull/1782 – Merged.


9Functest across multiple releases
Cedric Ollivier

Cedric Ollivier to open an issue for discussion in RC1 and TSC

Interactions CNTT / OPNFV: will Functest Jerma (Train) and newer only support Baraque or Baraque + Baldy?

  1. update Jerma’s test case descriptions as proposed in the PR updating RC1 to Train – TSC selected this option on meeting of July 15, 2020
  2. or publish new Functest CNTT containers (cntt would become cntt_baldy + cntt_baraque)

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