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Agenda and Minutes

Action Items

DescriptionDue DateAssigneeStatusTask In
1Topology contentby April 10Need PR.  Will wait until Thursday (April 2nd) and issue PR.  Nokia will provide feedback if possible within current COVID-19 rebalancing challengesIssue #638
2PR's Requiring Review
as per PR
PR # 1387, 1391, 1408, 1440 and 1444

3Flow Table
Ian Gardner

Raise issue for defining flows as per Ian Gardner PR #1391:

a network flow diagram or table covering how traffic is managed depending on network type:

(we need a network guru to add the correct flows if I get any of this wrong)
Tenant. Traffic uses gre/vxlan and flows from compute to compute and compute to controller
Provider VLAN. Traffic flows directly to/from the compute node hosting the VM via OVS
Provider VLAN DPDK. Traffic flows directly to/from the compute node hosting the VM via OVS-DPDK
Provider VLAN SRIOV. ...
Neutron NAT. Traffic flows from the compute node to the controller and is NAT'd
CVR / DVR???

4PR's Requiring fixes
Petar Torre

PR # 1389

Ahmed El Sawaf to provide a reference to RedHat et al performance sources/sizing guidelines and these can be included in the write-up.

5OpenStack Mandatory Features
Manik SidanaIssue #1156 – no PRIssue #1156
6Security: Image Security
Yeeling LamIssue #1395 – no PR
7Security: Hardening
Yeeling LamTo open Issue and PR
8Security: Confidentiality & Integrity
Karine SevillaIssue #1217 – no PR;Issue #1217
9Barbican write-up in RA-1 Ch03/Ch04
Karine Sevilla

To raise Issue and Content

Already exists in RA-1 Ch05

10Review SDN in RA-1 Ch 3.2.5Content Created

PR #1391 add a subsection on SDN and reference to Ch 3.2.5

Issue and PR for RA-1 Ch 3.2.5 upgrade

Issue #1443

PR #1444

11SDN - Tungsten Fabric

Testing when using monolithic plugin.  Phase I: use Neutron APIs.

For Phase II, Q: how to handle custom APIs? Get upstream (OSTK)/another project to define SDN API extensions.  What should be the CNTT position?  Wait for CNTT Network FG to define position.

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